DelSiTech is happy to announce participation in the TIDES 2020 event, to be held virtually from September 15-18.

TIDES is the premier event for oligonucleotide and peptide science, pooling industry and academic specialists from around the globe to share their developments, insights and research. Challenging and potentially fragile biological molecules, such as peptides and oligonucleotides, constitute a rapidly growing proportion of current and future leading therapies. DelSiTech Silica is well suited to the delivery of such molecules. With the rapidly evolving landscape of peptides and oligonucleotide therapies, we are excited to share our own developments in the long-acting formulation space, as well as to learn from our leading fellow contributors.

DelSiTech’s own, Dr. Lasse Leino, CEO, will be presenting “Long-acting Injectable Peptide Formulations Based on Biodegradable Silica”, available to watch from the 15th of September at 12:15 EST until October 18th. Dr. Leino will also be available for questions or discussion as part of a panel workshop, “Long-acting Injectables and Implantables for Peptide Delivery” (Workshop #7) to be held immediately after the presentation event ends.

We hope to see you all there!