Ocular drug delivery

Unique drug delivery platform for ophthalmology products

Drug treatment for ocular diseases is challenging due to the complex and protected structure of the eye, which prevents the penetration of active compounds at the site of action. Virtually all drugs targeting back of the eye will need a controlled delivery system to enable a long-lasting drug effect inside the eye and avoid repeated intravitreal injections.

Although topical administration of eye drops is an easy and non-invasive method of ocular drug therapy, it suffers from low and easily saturated dose, poor bioavailability due to rapid drainage, and low patient compliance. Invasive systems such as intravitreal (IVT) injections are used to treat the back of the eye. However, IVT injections cannot be given repeatedly in a short period of time because they are associated with potential severe side effects, such as increased pressure in the eye or infection.

DelSiTech has developed two types of Silica Matrix-based formulation platforms that can be used in ophthalmic drug delivery.

Ophthalmic Silica Composite Eye Drops:

  • One drop applied topically in conjunctiva cul-de-sac once daily
  • Sustained drug concentration in the tear fluid over 24 hours
  • Steady state dosing
  • No variation of drug concentration unlike repeated dosing
  • Therapeutic doses even at night
  • Well tolerated and comfortable to apply and use

Injectable Silica Composite for Intravitreal Delivery:

  • High drug loading of small molecules or large biologics
  • Injections with a needle of 30 gauge
  • Stable drug release form several months up to a year
  • Zero order release
  • Low burst to burst-free release
  • Well tolerated in a preclinical animal model