Dr. Sakari Karhuvaara, Medical Director

Finnish drug delivery technology and drug development company DelSiTech Ltd announces and welcomes Dr. Sakari Karhuvaara, as the new Medical Director. The position took effect in the beginning of January 2021, upon the retirement of the previous Medical Director Dr. Eeva Kari.

Graduating from the University of Turku, where he also finished his PhD thesis, Sakari has been active both in drug research and development and clinical practice. He has worked in positions in Orion Pharma and BioTie Therapies Ltd being centrally involved in the clinical development of several new chemical entities across several therapeutic areas. In addition, he has provided consultancy services to several pharmaceutical companies as well as for healthcare IT projects. He has worked in primary and occupational health care, both as a practicing physician and as a developer of the health care delivery systems.

‘’I am excited to become a member of the dedicated DelSiTech team and contribute to the pursuit of novel medical solutions utilizing DelSiTech’s proprietary silica-based drug delivery platform. This innovative technology will provide plentiful opportunities for the development of new medical products with remarkable therapeutic advantages.” said Sakari.

Lasse Leino, CEO of DelSiTech expressed his satisfaction over the recruitment of the new Medical Director, saying: “With Sakari, given his wide experience in R&D and clinical practice, DelSiTech will gain valuable insight and resources to meet the challenges of clinical development activities. We also want to express our sincere thanks to Eeva Kari for her valuable role in DelSiTech over the last 7 years and wish her all the best upon her retirement”.