Approval of its Canadian patent application and filing of a new patent on silica composite formulations strenghtens the Company’s leading IPR position is silica based drug delivery technology

The Finnish drug delivery technology company DelSiTech Ltd is pleased to announce the Canadian approval for its patent WO/2008/104635 METHOD FOR PREPARING SILICA COMPOSITIONS, SILICA COMPOSITIONS AND USES THEREOF.  In addition, the Company’s latest patent application SILICA HYDROGEL COMPOSITE, filed in June 2013, has now been published (WO/2014/207304). These announcements demonstrate DelSiTech’s continuous efforts in generating new IP around its proprietary Silica Matrix technology and in offering its partners a novel, protected solution to their drug delivery needs.

DelSiTech’s CEO Lasse Leino said “The extension of our strong IP portfolio is an on-going priority for DelSiTech, now with 10 patent families protecting our Sililca Matrix up until 2033.  This recent news comes, in what looks like already, a very exciting year for the Company”