Turku, Finland – 28 March 2022: – DelSiTech Ltd, the leading silica drug delivery technology company, based in Finland and Optifye Therapeutics AG, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of treatments for ophthalmic indications, today announced an exclusive licensing agreement pertaining to the development of controlled-release dexamethasone eye drops utilizing DelSiTech™ Silica Matrix technology.

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid medicine that is regularly used in ophthalmology to treat eye inflammation caused by assorted reasons such as allergy and eye injury. It is often used following eye surgery such as cataract procedures to hasten recovery and reduce pain in the eye. Currently, dexamethasone eye drops are applied 4-10 times a day often leading to poor treatment adherence and reduction in efficiency, critically effecting therapeutic efficacy and relief expected by patients. Controlled release of dexamethasone eye drops, based on DelSiTech™ Silica Matrix technology, is a revolutionary eye drop product that is applied as a single drop, once daily under the eye lid which maintains therapeutic drug concentration in the eye for the entirety of the day, removing the need for repeat applications.

Janos Vaczi, Managing Director of Optifye Therapeutics commented: “At Optifye we share the understanding that new innovations are urgently needed for disorders of the anterior segment of the eye, which are often overlooked. We foresee a new era for eye drop treatments owing to significant technological advancements, which excitingly are applicable to most in use active ingredients in ophthalmology. We look forward to drawing to a close an era of inefficient and frequent dosing, while enhancing relief for patients,”

Dr. Lasse Leino, CEO of DelSiTech commented:DelSiTech™ Silica Matrix technology enables the rapid development of sustained release pharmaceutical compounds in the form of eye drops, reducing dosing to once daily or even less. We are excited to be collaborating with the team at Optifye to bring innovative eye drop solutions to patients. The continued validation of our technologies inspires us now more than ever to push beyond development and into commercialization. We value partners such as Optifye, not only for their guiding expertise in ophthalmology, but for their role in DelSiTech’s ongoing advancement towards becoming a commercial pharmaceutical company with an important presence in the ophthalmic sector.

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