DelSiTech is proud to announce that we will be attending the 3rd annual Long-acting Injectables and Implantables (LAII) conference in La Jolla, San Diego on February 6-7, 2020.

The LAII event, hosted by the Controlled Release Society and Drug Delivery Experts provides an opportunity for drug delivery specialists to gather and share insights into clinical applications where novel delivery technologies provide significant improvements in patient outcomes, discuss upcoming and preexisting approaches to our common drug delivery industry goals and much more. Never has the need for technological advancements addressing improved treatment efficacy, patient compliance and frequency of invasive administration been more current. Together, at events such as LAII, we aim to play our part in the realization of the benefits of drug delivery technologies for those in most need.

As a core member of the drug delivery industry, DelSiTech will naturally be taking the opportunity to elaborate on our approach to long-acting controlled release drug delivery technologies. Our own, Dr. Frederic Dargelas, Director, Head of Business Development and Alliance Management, will be speaking at the event on “Protein Formulations in Silica Particles“, highlighting the long-acting controlled release of therapeutic proteins while fully maintaining the long-term integrity of such delicate marcomolecules.

Would you be interested in meeting with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us here.

We look forward to meeting you in La Jolla!