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DelSiTech develops its own drug products by combining its silica- based drug delivery technology platform with known active substances to produce supergeneric/505(b)(2) products with superior characteristics over the original brand product.

Supergeneric/505(b)(2) drug development provides a low-risk alternative to traditional new chemical entity development in the pharmaceutical industry. With superior characteristics in comparison to the original brand product, supergeneric drug products can generate a significant cash-flow in a much shorter timeframe.
DelSiTech is developing in-house supergeneric/505(b)(2) products to the point at which the preliminary proof-of- concept has been demonstrated in clinical studies. This is followed by global licensing of the product to industry partner(s).

In House Programs

Product candidate Indication Research Preclinical Clinical

DelSiTech’s lead internal pipeline product, 1308, addresses a significant unmet medical need in infectious diseases

  • First-in- class supergeneric/505(b)(2) drug candidate.
  • Targets a significant unmet medical & market need in Chronic Hepatitis B
  • 1308 is based on the most effective active antiviral compound in the indication, entecavir. The oral product, Baraclude, was approved in 2005 and is now off patent in all the major markets.
  • 1308 is a 3 month injectable subcutaneous depot product which will significantly address the issue of non-adherence in patients

DelSiTech’s first ophthalmology product, 1702, is intended for long-acting treatment of inflammation in the back of the eye

• Injectable intravitreal depot formulation
• Releases an anti-inflammatory compound to treat retinal inflammation for up to 3 months

Partnered Programs

Product candidate Indication Research Preclinical Clinical

Collaboration agreement with Solani Therapeutics to develop a sustained release product of Meloxicam for animal health.

  • In ST15C, DelSiTech’s silica technology is used to address the difficulties in oral drug administration in cats
  • Targets post-operative pain management in cats
  • Releases meloxicam for 3 to 5 days after a single subcutaneous injection

Partnership with C-Tri to develop an innovative anti-cancer product based on a leading peptide drug in its field

  • NHM-CT- 007 is a long-acting injectable depot product based on silica matrix technology
  • Targets a significant unmet medical & market need in oncology
  • The development program will be run in Europe, including manufacture of the final product

DelSiTech has partnered with Innovare R&D to develop a long acting HIV therapy.

  • T1144 is a long acting injectable depot product utilizing Silica Matrix technology.
  • Offers a high payload with sustained and controlled release therapy for a Peptide drug to meet patient needs.