Services for your needs

DelSiTech provides contract research services to customers in the pharma and biotech marketplace. With our technology you can get most out of your innovations and turn new product ideas into commercial success stories.

Typically, a new project starts with a feasibility study to demonstrate that silica drug delivery technology is compatible with your active molecule or activecomponent (e.g. viral vector). This includes development and manufacturing of preliminary silica-based formulations and testing of the drug release profile in in vitro dissolution studies according to the targets that you have set for the product. DelSiTech has achieved over the years unique know-how on the in vitro-in vivo correlation of the silica-based controlled release products, and we can give you our expert opinion on the technology suitability to their purposes after the feasibility test. In addition, we can manufacture and supply, at non-GLP/GMP quality level, test products for preliminary animal studies to investigate the in vivo pharmacokinetics and/or efficacy of the controlled release product.

If you wish to go ahead, DelSiTech will license its technology to you  and a tech-transfer is made to your own facility for further development. Alternatively, DelSiTech may take the main responsibility for additional studies on behalf of you. DelSiTech provides R&D services up to clinical phase 2 studies, including preclinical development services (non-clinical toxicity, pharmacokinetics, animal efficacy models), pharmaceutical studies (formulation development, analytical development, stability studies, manufacture of clinical trial material) and early clinical development (phase 1-2 clinical studies in healthy volunteers and patients).

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