Silica - The Natural Solution for Drug Delivery

DelSiTech has developed a unique proprietary drug delivery technology based on biodegradable silica (SiO2) matrix into which an active substance is embedded.

DelSiTechTMSilica Matrix is formed in an aqueous solution by the polymerization of alkoxysilanes, Si(OR)4,using a technique known as the sol-gel process. The resulting silica matrix is porous at the nanoscale and it contains a varying number of OH groups and water. By changing the manufacturing process parameters it is possible to vary the number of the OH groups and specific surface area (from a dense gel to highly porous), which both have an influence on the biodegradation rate of silica. When silica gel comes in contact with body fluids, the matrix is slowly dissolved. The dissolution of the matrix takes place mainly through an erosion mechanism and in some cases partly by diffusion. The biodegradation process does not change the pH within silica gel nor in the surrounding tissue in contrast to most commonly used alternative drug delivery matrices.