Selected publications

The silica-based drug delivery technology and its scientific basis has been validated in numerous scientific studies since early 90's.

A selection of publications related to DelSiTechTMSilica Matrix. The abstracts of many of the listed papers can be found here

Ahola M, Kortesuo P, Kangasniemi I, KiesvaaraJ, Yli-Urpo A. In vitro release behaviour of toremifene citrate from sol-gel processed sintered solica xerogels. Drug Dev. & Ind. Pharm. 25 (1999) (8)955 – 959.

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Kangasniemi L, ParviainenS, Pisto T, Koskinen M, Jokinen M, Kiviluoto T, Cerullo V, Jalonen H, Koski A, Kangasniemi A, Kanerva A, Pesonen S, Hemmink A, Effects of capsid-modified oncolytic adenoviruses and their combinations with gemcitabine or silica gel on pancreatic cancer, International Journal of Cancer, Volume 131 (1), 2012, pp.253–263.

NEW! Koskimäki J, Tarkia M, Ahtola-Sätilä T, Saloranta L, Simola O, Forsback AP, Frantzen J. Intracranial biodegradable silica-based nimodipine drug release implant for treating vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage in an experimental healthy pig and dog model. BioMed Research International, 2015, Article ID 715752, 10 pages