Technology Benefits

The silica-based drug delivery technology has multiple competitive advantages over other alternative delivery technologies

Best safety

  • Silica is a natural, endogenous component of the body

  • Fully biocompatible and non-toxic in living tissue

  • Silica has no metabolism - eroded silica is freely dispersed in tissue fluids and excreted unchanged via urine in the form of silicic acid

  • Silica gel has been recognized by FDA as a GRAS material (Generally Regarded As Safe)

Best versatility

  • Suitable for small molecules, biomolecules, viruses and even cells

  • Suitable for highly water soluble and poorly water soluble compounds

  • Administration in various dosage forms: solid implants, fibers, microparticles, gels, and depot injections

Best controllability

  • Silica fully biodegradable by dissolution in body fluids

  • Drug release strictly controlled by silica erosion

  • Silica  dissolution can be adjusted from days to several month

  • Initial burst well controlled and no burst release even at accidential break-down of the dosage form