First-in-class controlled delivery of viral vectors

For the first time, it is now possible to administer viral vectors e.g. in gene therapy in a controlled fashion for longer time periods. Silica encapsulation offers also other unforeseen benefits to virus-based therapeutic products.

DelSiTech is the technology pioneer in encapsulation of virus particles in biodegradable silica. DelSiTechTMSilica Matrix contains a large amount of water which ensures the preservation of the biological activity of virus vectors. In addition, all manufacturing steps can be made at cold temperature in aquous solutions. We have succesfully developed products that release functional virus particles up to one month. The dosage form can be an injectable depot or an implant.

A unique feature of silica encapsulation of viruses is the possibility to store products even at room temperature. We have shown that virus particles stay functional in DelSiTechTMSilica Matrix even up to 18 months when kept at room temperature or in fridge. This is of course a great benefit when planning the logistics and storage of viral vector products as most gene therapy products today need storage even at -80 C.